We do not create just labels, we create Smarter Labelling Solutions.We provide high quality labelling solutions, adding value to your supply chain through professional handling of design, printing,application, stock management and logistics.

Skanem Effects

Skanem effects are print processes, inks, varnishes, materials or a combination of all that add value to a brand. You can choose from a whole range of techniques, materials and sensorial effects designed to maximise shelf appeal in the most cost-effective way possible. Skanem Effects are deliberately designed to appeal to the consumer's senses of sight, smell or touch.

No label look

You can’t see the label, only the print

Holographic images

Neon, shimmering, lens effects

Glitter varnishes

Adding glitz


Ink, hot and cold foil stamping, substrate, ink metallic combinations

Two-design labels

Look through the bottle to see the back

Tactile print

Braille, Image enhancing, Wet Grip . You can feel the effects on touch.

Iridescent, pearlescent shades

Variable shades

Optically brightened ink systems

Glow in the dark labelling

Matt and Gloss combination varnishing

Spectacular effects on dark backgrounds

Special colours

Use of customised colours with added clarity and details

Fragranced labelling

Labels that can be embedded with fragrance which is released on scratching or rubbing

Illustrations, Vignettes

In addition to the above mentioned effects there are many combinations and innovations that we can use to enhance the image of your brand, based on your special requirement and market.

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Skanem Effects

Skanem Functional

Functional labels have a specific role within the packaging concept or are constructed to solve a specific problem. In the labelling industry, space, display of vital information and new surfaces are a challenge and various innovative functional label solutions are created at Skanem to overcome these challenges.

Product Information options

Product Information options: Labels designed to meet the growing need to provide more information about the product to the consumer

Skanem Peel and Read

An easy to open and close multi part label consisting of several pages of printed text but only using only the limited space of a single label.

Skanem Peel and WRAP

This is similar to the Peel n Read label with an added function of being wrapped on rounded surfaces, thus further increase space for product information.

Skanem Booklet

A label containing a folded pull out sheet used for product descriptions, operating instructions, multilingual versions and marketing campaigns.

Skanem Easy Peel

This is a multipage label with multiple peel off printed pages such that each page is marked with a tab to facilitate easy opening. It is easier to identify and access the most important or relevant information with the use of this label

Skanem Sleeve

A long linerless label based on folding card and four types of wrap allowing both front and back surfaces to be printed. Used extensively for food trays where content is exposed with branding and customer information on-pack. The Skanem Sleeve can also be used for product bundling.

Closure Systems and re-closable options

Specially constructed labels that seal the pack and keep the product fresh until point of use by the consumer. A removable, repositionable adhesive allows the customer to peel back the label to open and re-close the pack as the product is used.

Sales Promotional options

Specialty labels that support promotions including coupons, flash labels, tear-outs, proof of purchase and scratch cards.

Dry peel

This label allows a part or surface of the label to be peeled off. The peeled off part is non-sticky. Dry peel labels can be used for promotional vouchers as they can be written on, collected easily as redemption codes and can be posted easily.

Hanger Labels options

Specially engineered labels that are strong enough to adhere to a bottle or pack and specially die cut to allow the bottle to hang from a stand. Varying in size, often used in hospital intravenous applications.

In addition to the above mentioned functions we can offer many more Skanem functional solutions based on your special product requirement and market.

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Skanem Functions

Skanem security

Security labelling plays an important role in reducing security risks of product tampering or fraud brands. Skanem produces both overt security labels; solutions that can be seen on-pack, and covert security solutions; where security measures are hidden in the label.

Tamper proof labels

Prevent unauthorized access to the product e.g. security seals.

Tamper evident labels

Give a clear indication of any tampering or unauthorized access.

Anti-counterfeit labels

Reduce the risk of brand copying or fraud products.

Skanem Sustainable

For customers with active environmental priorities or plans, Skanem has a range of offerings based on materials from proven sustainable sources. Where necessary, certification can be provided proving their use.

Sustainable Papers

Skanem provides paper from certified and responsibly managed sources, including all necessary documentation.

Linerless Labels

These are labels which do not have a backing paper attached to the adhesive side of the label. This dramatically reduces use of paper or liner. Click here to know more about Linerless labels

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Skanem Sustainable