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Skanem is a leading producer of self adhesive labels with 14 labelling plants in 10 countries in Europe and Asia.

Skanem HQ

  • Skanem HQ Stavanger

    Skanem HQ is based in the heart of Stavanger, Norway. Our facilities are in the 5th floor of BI Norwegian Business School Stavanger, with great views of our beautiful fjords and harbours surrounding the "city of oil".

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Skanem Scandinavia

  • Skanem Scandinavia

    Skanem Scandinavia is the biggest label supplier in Scandinavia. With local presence and regional strength we aim to be the preferred supplier to customers, operating across the entire region. We take pride in the fact that we serve about 1300 customers in all Scandinavian countries.

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  • Skanem Hobro, Denmark

    Skanem Hobro is one of Denmark's biggest printers of self adhesive labels. Almost 70 specialities are at your disposal.

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  • Skanem Skurup, Sweden

    Skanem Skurup AB, Division Labels, is one of Sweden´s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels. The company and its manufacturing facilities are based in Skurup, in the fertile farming region between Malmö and Ystad. Together with Division System our sales are approximately 180 MSEK. Division Labels has 87 employees.

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  • Skanem Stavanger, Norway

    Skanem Stavanger is Norway's largest producer of self adhesive labels with a turnover of nearly 70 MNOK and 40 employees. The factory is situated at Forus, a 10 minute drive from the Stavanger city centre.

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Skanem Western Europe

  • Skanem Western Europe

    Skanem Western Europe consists of three Skanem sites in UK and one Skanem site in Germany; Skanem Liverpool, Skanem Cardiff and Skanem Durham and Skanem Willich.The management is led by Alf Møller.

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  • Skanem Cardiff

    Skanem Cardiff dates back to 1989 and was formed with the intention of supplying the Personal Care and Beverage markets with high quality and total packaging solutions, to allow our customers to maximise their opportunities within their given markets.

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  • Skanem Liverpool

    Skanem Liverpool is located in a custom built 50,000 sq ft facility at Bromborough in Cheshire England, specialising in the manufacture and development of self adhesive labels.

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  • Skanem Durham

    Skanem Durham offers the best of both worlds, a small compact friendly site, customer focused, responsive and adaptable backed by one of the biggest printing groups in Europe.

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  • Skanem Willich, Germany

    Skanem Willich GmbH is a 1 letter press and 5 UV-Flexo/screen printing press house, with in house plate making and origination. Now Skanem Willich is able to work independent and do all work in house.

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Skanem Eastern Europe

Skanem Asia & Africa

Skanem Other Divisions