Business is made by people, and good business is made by people who are professional. People are Skanem’s most important asset. We constantly seek to "Improve Business Performance by Unlocking Human Potential", both internally in Skanem and in our working with customers and partners.  

Vacant Positions in Skanem Group 

Skanem Code of Conduct:
We in Skanem compete vigorously to achieve business success, but we are concerned not only with results, but with how those results are achieved.

Skanem Academy:
We also have established a Skanem Academy to ensure our people have the competencies needed to fulfill increasingly demanding customer needs.

Skanem Group:
Skanem is one of Europe’s largest producers of self adhesive labels to some of the most recognised brand owners in the world. Skanem has 16 factories in 10 countries and around 1200 employees. Our vision is to be a preferred supplier of cost efficient and logistically smart labelling solutions to large national and multinational customers by providing products and customer relations of high quality.





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