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In-mould labelling

This is a process where the label becomes an integral part of the packaging.The process is cost effective and saves time since container production and decoration takes place in a single step. In-mould labelling is the perfect combination of visual appeal and durability.

Visual appeal

Offset printing allows for high res images, which means excellent print quality. Many types of inks and lacquers can be used for decoration.


In-mould labels are moisture resistant, scratch resistant and withstand major changes in temperature.

Faster production

Design changeovers are quick. Containers are produced and decorated in a single step. Automation is often used for faster production and to save cost.

Cost effective

All four sides of the product can be decorated with one single label. Containers are produced and decorated in a single step so there is no cost associated with storage and transport of blank containers.


Since the label and the container are of the same material, the entire packaging can be easily recycled.

Want your packaging to look good as well as last long?

Our IML capability boasts of state-of-the-art flexo printing and finishing processes resulting in a quality product delivered with outstanding technical support and customer service. Skanem is able to print In-mould labels in up to 10 colours for injection moulding as well as blow moulding.

If you have any questions just leave us a message and our label expert will get in touch with you.

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