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Linerless labels

Linerless labels are pressure sensitive labels that do not have a release liner. Without the liner you get more labels per roll, easy print on both sides and less waste. This is great for the environment. There are many benefits of linerless labels

Cost effective

No liner means lesser weight and volume which leads to reduced shipping and warehouse costs. No waste disposal costs as well.

Faster production

More labels per roll leads to fewer roll shifts and lesser setup time.

Visually appealing

Additional functions like see through windows, stand up support, shapes etc can easily be tied in with linerless labels to make the product stand out on shelves.

Faster application

The absence of a liner, makes the application process much faster because the label does not need to be separated from the liner.

Lower environmental impact

No liner waste means nothing goes to landfill and your carbon footprint is improved. Lesser weight and volume leads to reduced transportation needs or fuel usage.


Linerless labels have a release coating which acts as a protective coating for UV moisture and chemical resistance, this makes the labels more durable.

More branding space

Since the adhesive on linerless labels is applied after printing, it is possible to print on both sides of the label. This can be used to create attractive designs that stand out from the rest.

Want to improve your carbon footprint as well as stand out on the shelves?

We can offer you a fully customised and sustainable linerless label solution based on your specific needs.

We can produce shaped and die cut linerless labels to make your products stand out from the rest. No liner waste and more effective transportation will bring you closer to your sustainability goals.

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