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Portfolio optimisation

Skanem portfolio optimisation service helps you to reduce complexity in label design at an early stage so that the label portfolio becomes more cost-effective. We optimise the following to achieve a faster and smoother printing process

Colour optimisation:

We work with you to reduce the colour template to either CMYK or a fixed 8-colour template. The benefits are reduced setup time, reduced cost, optimised print process, effective prepress and artwork management.

Minimising variants:

When the label portfolio includes multiple design elements and label sizes, it might be possible to standardise some of them, thereby reducing the number of variants needed. We will create alternatives for you to compare and approve.

Sustainable labels program

Together with our sustainability experts, will develop solutions that are suited for your specific product. We will generate a bespoke road map for implementation, keeping a close eye on the commericals.

Design for sustainability

We will help you prevent over packaging by optimising the design for minimal use of time and materials. We can help you with more sustainable labelling solutions e.g smart labels and linerless labels.

Sustainable materials

We can offer a variety of sustainable materials to reduce fossil fuel dependence. We help you choose the right material without compromising product design and performance.

Optimised logistics

We can optimise delivery to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. You will of course continue to experience on time delivery.

Waste management

We will help you recycle more in an effective way so that nothing goes to landfill.

Warehouse management

Skanem warehouse management is custom made for each customer based on their unique needs. We have long experience in handling our customers’ warehouse to secure and optimize inventory utilisation. You get shorter lead times and reduced costs. We take responsibility for printed labels to be ready when needed. 

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

We will handle your stock as per your requirements. This can either be at a Skanem site, at your facility or through a Near Site Warehouse with an external logistic provider.

We make it cost effective

By centralising all in one warehouse, cost and inventory control will be optimised.

Proper storage

The warehouse will meet proper storage conditions; packing needs as well as any special needs that you might have.

Full connectivity

We will secure full connectivity between your plant, the warehouse and the Skanem factory.

Optimised delivery

We can optimize bulk transport from Skanem factory to the warehouse. We can also pick and pack for delivery direct to your production line, so no intermediate stock in your factory is needed.

Logistic management

This is a tailor-made tool  for label production based on well-known ABC and stock management principles. We optimize production series to be most cost efficient for the entire portfolio.

Reduced stock

We ensure that you always have the correct label at hand without building too high stock and risk of write offs.

Quick turnaround

With the use of digital printing we can optimise stock even further for quick turnaround in case of emergency codes. We can also minimize risk with phase in and out of new designs.

Optimised supply chain

Combining our logistic solutions with a Near Site Warehouse will give you an optimised Supply Chain for your label portfolio.

Design services

We can create labels that help you stand out from your competitors both in terms of appearance as well as efficiency. We work with labels day in and day out, and when you choose design services by Skanem you get the following benefits – 

Visual appeal

we can create your label from scratch depending on your brand profile as well as other specific needs. We can help you achieve any visual effect you desire.

Expert advice

Based on your design we will help you to make informed choices when it comes to materials, varnishes, embellishments and the printing process itself. This will help you achieve a label that stands out and functions well.

Seamless process

we create the design with printing requirements in mind ensuring a problem free process from design to finished printed labels with efficient use of time and resources.

Effective design

Depending on your label specifications, we will show you how you can optimise the design to stand on the retail shelves e.g. colour selection, logo placement, printed area etc.

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

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