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We print labels!
But our real job is to help you…

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Helping you sleep well at night.

We understand that all businesses have their own set of challenges to address. We help you stay prepared and help you get through challenging times in many ways.

Robust business continuity plan.

Because we have multiple factories and printing technologies, we have the capability to fulfill your order even in challenging situations.

Regulatory compliance.

We are up to date with rules and regulations specific to your industry. We have proven high standards of security and quality across all market segments in multiple countries.

Consistent quality.

We produce and deliver in multiple countries with consistent quality irrespective of where a label is produced.

Customer support and training.

We always remain close and connected to you. You get a dedicated expert who understands your specific needs and is always available to quickly resolve any issues. No time wasted.

Expert advice and consultation.

Our experts are experienced in your specific industry and are fully informed about your labelling needs and challenges. You can count on us for professional advice on compliance, sustainability goals, quality, security or product promotion for example. We help you succeed.

Helping you increase profitability.

We implement tried and tested methods that will help you save time, cost and effort.

We optimize your label portfolio.

The number of colours used, placement of design elements, label size and number of labels can be optimized. This optimization leads to reduced make ready time and faster production resulting in reduced costs for you.

We optimize your production.

You will get labelling solutions based on your existing production process. We will take the time to understand your needs and offer solutions that fit right in with no compromise on speed, quality, performance or safety.

We help optimize your value chain.

We offer a variety of services like design, logistics, and warehouse solutions, which helps to streamline and optimize the entire value chain.

Quick problem solving.

We are always connected and available to quickly resolve any issues that may arise in order to minimise down-time. We also hold technical trainings for your staff so that they can understand as well as report issues in an effective manner.

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Helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

We have helped many customers to substantially reduce their carbon footprint. We can help you too!

Sustainable labels designed for recyclability.

We pay attention to the entire life cycle of your product to create customized labelling solutions that facilitate the recycling process. We help and advice you at every step.

Environmentally friendly materials.

You get professional help to choose from a variety of environmentally friendly materials for example bio based, recycled, compostable, high density inks etc. These can help you create a positive impact without any compromise on design and performance.

Sustainable production.

Reducing use of raw materials is the first step towards sustainable production. We find solutions that prevent excessive packaging and unnecessary use of materials. Of course, this is done with no compromise on the product’s look and performance.

Optimized logistics.

We can optimize delivery to minimize use of fossil fuels. We do this with the help of onsite warehouse solutions, or reducing the number of delivery trips.

We help you stay updated.

We keep you updated with new developments, materials, and solutions to reduce the carbon footprint. We invite you to sustainability days where we focus on your specific sustainability needs.

Ratings and scorecards.

We actively participate in global sustainability ratings and scorecards like Ecovadis and Sedex.

Helping you grow your business.

Our aim is to help you succeed and grow your business.

We cover your present and future needs.

We constantly improve our processes and invest in new equipment so that we can cater to your present as well as future needs.

Stay ahead of your competitors.

We offer design, effects, and packaging solutions that help your products stand out on the shelves. We offer a complete package of intelligent and connected labelling solutions. You don’t have to worry about the technology, the platform, or the printing. We do it all!

Be a pioneer.

We innovate all the time with your demands in focus. We involve you in the innovation process so that we can work on your specific challenges and opportunities.

The advantage of international presence.

We produce labels in 8 different countries across Asia, Africa and Europe. What is new in one region or market segment might already be well established in another. We share knowledge and trends with you.

We can create any label you need.

We have a variety of machines, printing techniques, and equipment so we can create any type of new label you desire.

No trouble expanding.

We work with big, medium, and small sized customers. We are flexible so you have the possibility to grow and launch new products without having to change supplier.

We share our knowledge and experience with you.

We have learnt a lot through our 100 years in the packaging industry, innovation projects, customer challenges, and evolving technology. We share our experience and competence with you.

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We are here to help!

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