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To protect the environment is our common responsibility.

The Skanem sustainable labels program helps you to do your part.

To protect the environment is our common responsibility.

The Skanem sustainable labels program helps you to do your part.

The Skanem sustainable labels program.

The Skanem sustainable labels program is a unique program that includes a complete analysis of your product packaging & supply chain by sustainable labelling experts. We will not ask you to blindly implement the newest technology or follow trends.

Together with our sustainability experts, will develop solutions that are suited for your specific product. We will generate a bespoke road map for implementation, keeping a close eye on the commericals.

The program will be an ongoing process following a bespoke road map and will be adjusted as new sustainable innovations are brought to the market.

As part of the program we guarantee that you will reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition, you will get the following benefits –

  • Customised sustainable labelling solutions tailored specifically to your products’ requirements.
  • Practical and realistic action plan to make your packaging more sustainable today and for the future.
  • Guidance by a dedicated sustainability expert at every step.
  • Label design optimization by labelling design experts.
  • Professional help with material match.
  • Waste management support.
  • Logistics and warehouse facilities to reduce transport related fuel usage.
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With a strong footprint in Kenya, we are well positioned to serve the East African region.
In Africa, our next step is to expand our footprint and broaden our offering within packaging.

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We are well established in India with 3 factories.
Our next step is to expand our reach across both regions and industries. 






Based on our long and strong history in packaging, we are looking for business opportunities within innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

  • .We look for companies with a proven product, solution or business model and with significant opportunity for profitable growth.
  • The product of solution shall have something unique that can make a difference.
  • Embrace sustainability in everything they do - circular economy being the ultimate goal
  • Solid team with passion, expertise and willingness to make a difference.
  • Our target size is EUR 5-50 million in revenue, add-on investments potentially smaller
  • Our current focus is within Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

    What we look for

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